Reflections from Visitors and Volunteers to Ranong

ryanclasslargebannerMarist Asia Foundation enjoys the experience of Volunteers who come from 3, 6, 12 months to 2 years and visitors who stay for a short time and frequently help in our programmes in many ways. Volunteer opportunities are open now for 2019.  Click  here for all the information and common questions

Marist Asia Foundation is receiving Volunteer Applications for 2019. Click here for more information and be encouraged to contact us to learn about how you could serve and support. Step 1 make contact. Step 2 complete application forms. Step 3 Skype conversation. Step 4. Letter of acceptance. Click on some of the stories below of our Volunteers and Visitors

A Marist finds strength in God and in his community

Br Ben is a Marist Seminarian who came to Ranong on his pastoral experience placement while studying to be a Marist Priest in Rome. Marist Asia Foundation enjoys welcoming young Marists for their mission experience each year for 3 months. Below is Br Ben’s volunteer reflection.  Before going out for a pastoral experience I always Read More

    I learnt how to love people who are neglected

    Living in a new culture and environment is always challenging. I am training to be a Marist. I come from Papua New Guinea but have been studying in Rome. I got the opportunity to experience and contribute to the life of the Marist Mission in Ranong. The life in Ranong is such a unique place Read More

      Volunteering – I didn’t miss anything because my life was so full

      In the summer of 2015 I was very lucky to be selected by Caritas Italiana to take part in a project where they partnered with Marist Asia Foundation to send some of their own volunteers to help in Ranong for a year. I say “lucky” because I hadn’t even been chosen at the beginning, and Read More

        Volunteering – The kids always made me smile

        Volunteering at Marist Asia Foundation (MAF) has been a life changing experience. I think most people say that about mission work, but I’m really not sure whether the experience has been more beneficial for me or for the students! Coming from a developed, clean, well-off, temperate country like New Zealand, to a hot, dusty, poor, Read More

          Volunteering – A day in the life of Ranong

          O Ranong! A place not known for its tourist activities, but somehow it has a pull on us. Here’s a typical day for us: 4am Mr. Rooster wakes us. 5am Mr. Rooster again, ahead of schedule. 8am and we’re up and in to the kitchen to make pancakes for breakfast. The neighbourhood kids are outside Read More