Marist Community

Marists prefer to establish the Church’s presence where it does not exist, or where needed, to help put life back into existing communities.

The healing of divisions among God’s people is a constant concern for Marists.

Filled with the experience of God’s great love, Marists’ have a special love for the most neglected, the poor, and those who suffer injustice.

Marists devote themselves to all forms of education, especially among the young.

The Marist Community in Ranong is made up of permanent members who make a life-commitment to the Society of Mary. It also has Lay marist volunteers and international volunteers members who commit for various times with the talents they can offer.

The Spirit of the Marist is to be like Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Marists are open to the promptings of the Spirit and try to be generous and flexible in our response to God’s call.

As Marists seek to listen attentively to the needs of diverse peoples and offer a hospitable heart and home to all.

We have our own life lived in community but are welcoming to all who pass by.

We have a special attentiveness to the needs of the poorest people, who in Ranong are often from Burma.

As missionaries in Asia we value our encounter with different peoples, religions and cultures and we try to enter into dialogue with all whom we meet.

The Marist Community Team has 4 Priests, and works together with Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDM) and international volunteers to create a community in support of the Marist Mission Projects.