Small Change Big Difference


Small Change, Big Difference

Only 20% of Burmese children start an education, and 90% of these children leave school age 12.

Donating some ‘Small Change’ can make a ‘Big Difference’ to help 200 Burmese Migrant Children get an education.

Marist Mission Ranong needs your help.

200 friends and supporters giving 70 cents a day,

$22 a month, or $240 a year

will help 200 Burmese Migrant Children receive an Education.

Know that your daily small change will be making a big difference each day for a Burmese child.

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Download an information sheet about making a donation directly into a Bank Account

If you have ever spent time in a developing part of the world, there is a moment when you realise the ‘small change’ that we use to buy a coffee or a piece of cake can actually bring a ‘big difference’ in the lives of those who are poor.

We’d love to receive your support as you choose to share some of your small change.  By becoming one of 200 ‘friends’ you will help Marist Mission Ranong continue their education programmes for over 200 Burmese Migrant Students.

Learn about the problem and be part of the solution.

Partner with us in giving ‘Small Change’ to make a ‘Big Difference.

Download a Small Change Big Difference brochure and share with your friends.

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