In Ranong there is a high rate of HIV AIDS due to poverty, trafficking, desperation and lack of education.

Marist Asia Foundation responds to the needs of those who are sick with HIV AIDS and those who are caring for them.

HIV AIDS Health Project provides assistance by:

  • Patients home visitation
  • Community Based HIV AIDS Patient Health Programme
  • Translation and access to hospital services
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Community Based Social and Health Education work with families and the Burmese community

Through these programmes the Health Project aims to reduce the spread of the disease and begin to break down some of the stigma faced by those suffering from HIV AIDs.

Team Members

Fr Hermes Sabud SM manages the HIV AIDS Health Project along with Sr Margaret (a Burmese RNDM sister) and Thai and Burmese Staff. The Health Team support a Community Based Health Programme serving over 100 individuals and their families with HIV Aids.