• A lunch box without food

    Kyar Phyu is living with her parents in Ranong. She lives among other Burmese Migrants not far from the Marist Centre.  The road to her house is very rough and has many holes. The driver who picks her up everyday needs to drive carefully and slowly. She lives in a small house in the area… [Continue Reading]

    A lunch box without food
  • Found in the corner of the fish factory

    Ko A Nya was found late last year in a fish factory living in the corner with a mat on the rough concrete. The mosquito net was his ‘home’. Fish factory workers gave him some food. The Fish Factory owner allowed him to stay in the corner knowing that he was homeless. He had arrived… [Continue Reading]

    Found in the corner of the fish factory
  • I always feel homesick

    My name is Nandar Oo. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I am happy because I am teaching at a Migrant Learning Centre. I am also studying with Marist Asia Foundation and Australian Catholic University ‘University Online Diploma Programme’ I do not have a chance to live with my parents. I live in… [Continue Reading]

    I always feel homesick
  • I often look at the four corners of the house alone

    I am Naing Lin, 17 years old. I live as a Burmese migrant in Ranong, Thailand. I am studying at Marist Asia Foundation in Ranong. When I was young, I did not live with my parents, I just lived with my father’s sister. My aunt taught me many things like how to behave well. But… [Continue Reading]

    I often look at the four corners of the house alone
  • Sharing the Journey – Sharing Migrant Stories

    Pope Francis recently launched the ‘Share the Journey’ message supporting Migrants and all those forced to leave their homes, families and country. Sadly many migrants do not find a welcome home in their host country. Often they face continued discrimination and poverty. Migrants are not our enemy. We are encouraged to share their journey, listen… [Continue Reading]

    Sharing the Journey – Sharing Migrant Stories

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