My Parents always protect my education


My name is Htet Htet Ei and I’m (14) years old. I don’t have any sisters or brothers. I was born on 1 March 2005. I lived in Dawei, Myanmar. I moved to Kawthaung when I was in Grade Three because my family’s co-worker abused our family business of selling ice-balls and we had to sell our house and move to Kawthaung to stay at a friend’s house.

In this house, the business was selling flowers. My parents had to help with their work. My parents enrolled me at Kawthaung School. My parents always protect my education no matter how bad the life situation is. We moved to another place in Kawthaung because we had some problems.

During that time, my father had been working on the fishing boats for six months. We were faced with many challenges. My father sent us 1000 baht ($50NZ) each month. I also had to move school near to the place where we lived. Then our family migrated to Ranong, Thailand. We lived in Soi-Samaki, Ranong and I studied in grade four at Soi-Samaki MLC.

My father changed boats and he came back home once a month at his new boat’s work. My mother had health problems and heart disease. While my mother was sick, I had to take care of the house before going to school. That time, I was only 10 years old. My father’s old boss called my father to work and our lives were a little bit easier.

I did the entrance exam of Marist Asia Foundation and I passed the exam. I know the reputation of this school from my friends. I joined this school in 2016 when I was (12) years old. My father had to work hard for our family.

In 2017, when I was in Year 2, my father broke his leg due to an accident on the boat. I visited him and slept at the hospital with my family. While my father was in the hospital, my mother also had an accident with her hand. After one month, my father was getting better but my mother was getting worse.

Now, I am in Year 4 class. I am very happy to study in this school. Our school is very good. Our school doesn’t force us to pay the tuition fee. We can pay when our family is ready. Our school also teaches about computers but other Learning Centers don’t.

My dream is to complete the education in Marist Asia Foundation. The teachers are very generous and they encourage us when we are sad and discouraged. The school provides transportation to go to school without any difficulties. The teachers take care of us when we are sick and provide medicine or clinic visits for us.

I am happy for the support to Marist Asia Foundation and I hope many people will support our school.