I never give up because my Father supports me

My name is Thin Thin San and I’m 18 years old. I was born on 14th June 2001 at Yangon, Myanmar. Now, I live in Ranong, Thailand with my father and mother. I’m an only child for my Mum and Dad. We left Myanmar in 2011 because my family has had a lot of problems with working and money. We are not a rich family that’s why we have come to Ranong.

When I was in Ranong, I didn’t study for one year because my parents didn’t have a job and we were only focused on our livelihood.

When I started my school, I had a lot of trouble with Thai subject because I have never studied Thai before. However, I got help from my new friends and Thai teacher to be good at Thai subject and language.

I had one teacher who named Sayar U Thi Ha who knew my education skills and always believed in me. He is a perfect teacher who has graduated from Australia Catholic University (ACU).

When I was nearly finishing Grade– 3, Sayar U Thi Ha said that “you need to go and study at Marist Asia Foundation (MAF) which is the school that can make your education better than here”.

Fortunately, I passed an entrance exam and started a Year – 1 class with my new friends. So, I became a high – school student. However, being a high – school student was very hard for me. I failed two or three subjects at every exam when I did in Year – 1.

I studied hard every night after I have this experience and my learning became better and better every year. I came to understand what education is and how it is important for me. To have a better education will give me confidence everywhere. When I think about my future to my Dad, he always said “don’t worry about your future, it will be fine, you got me and I will never let you be a person who loses education and future”.

My mother couldn’t work because she has a problem with her health. So, only my father work and find money for my study, for our livelihood and for my mother healthcare. Marist Asia Foundation (MAF) where I was studying always helped me with school fees. The fees were 300 Baht for every month but I needed to pay only 150 Baht because the teacher understands my family life.

My home was very far from school so I had a problem with transport until now. I have had many problems especially money problems but I have never given up because my father was always supporting me.

After I finished Year – 4 successfully, I worked as a teacher at Ban Maria Learning Centre who taught KG – 2. When I worked as a teacher, I got a lot of experience. I studied English harder because I knew that English is the most important language in the world. The other reason was that I really wanted to join Australia Catholic University (ACU). It was my first dream and for my parents.

I have worked to find money for my parents before I became a university student as much as I could. When I wasn’t doing well at my studies, my father said “focus on your learning only. The reason why I still living in Ranong is because of your education. Everything I doing right now is for you and I have only you”. English was a very difficult subject for me but I always tried to do the best. I was always thinking that my parents will be proud of me one day.

Over the years, the money problems in my family haven’t become easier. I was not really wanting to continue my learning and I wanted to work but my father didn’t allow me. Then, my father really wanted me to join ACU. We spent a lot of money to join ACU. I did a visa and Myanmar ID card because I could not join if I didn’t have a visa. It cost more than 10,000 Baht to get a visa.

Finally, I could join ACU, I could go anywhere, I could do anything that I want because of my father. Luckily, I passed the ACU entrance exam. My parents were very proud of me and I was very excited to be a university student. I have simple dreams. After I finish ACU, I want to be a teacher again to share my knowledge and skills for Burmese Migrant Children. I really want to join Marist Asia Foundation (MAF) team. My big dream is to support Burmese Migrant People who have adversity in Ranong because I have also experienced that.