I often look at the four corners of the house alone

I am Naing Lin, 17 years old. I live as a Burmese migrant in Ranong, Thailand. I am studying at Marist Asia Foundation in Ranong.

When I was young, I did not live with my parents, I just lived with my father’s sister. My aunt taught me many things like how to behave well. But most of the time, she yells at me.

I remember going to school crying because it was not all well at home. At night, I often look at the four corners of the house, alone and missing my family which really makes me feel lonely.

I felt like no one is with me. I wondered why I can’t be with my parents but even up to now I still didn’t know why I have to be separated from them when I was younger.

I became the happiest because finally my parents came and asked me to live with them. I was very glad because we were finally complete and that I would be able to play with my three younger brothers and never be lonesome anymore.

We had to move to another place. My father’s job was fixing motorcycles. My family depended on our father for our living. However, his health conditions got worse.  We struggled financially to pay for medicine. We had to sell the little property we had to support his medication. Even then, my father died.

After he passed away, I was brought to Ranong. My father had another sister and learned about Marist Asia Foundation. She asked me if I wanted to study and I accepted her offer.

Everything was going fine until my aunt couldn’t continue supporting me anymore. From then on, everything got hard and difficult for me.

But one Burmese family welcomed me to stay with them. I stay with this family up to now. They treat me really nicely. And to at least give back to their kindness, I help in the house with chores and just give just a little amount of money handed by my younger brother who works in a bicycle shop.

Though they never wanted to accept it, I always insist. That’s the least I can do. They always say that welcoming me to their home is the right thing to do to their fellow Burmese.

Because of this new family, my own family, and my dreams, I give my best in my studies. Marist Asia Foundation helps me in many ways.

I not only learn English but I also learn about computer, and other important things. I can also share my talents and passion in music. I felt happy because of this. I also feel that the school will help me reach my dreams. The teachers also understand our feelings and they always give their best in teaching us.

In the future I want to study more so I can have a good job and can help other people especially repay the kindness my younger brother did for me.

He has sacrificed a lot so I can continue on studying. One day, I know, my brothers, my mother and I will be together again and I don’t have to feel this missing piece anymore.

At a young age, I have seen how hard life can be that’s why I believed that education is the best tool to be successful in the near future.