Found in the corner of the fish factory

Ko A Nya was found late last year in a fish factory living in the corner with a mat on the rough concrete.

The mosquito net was his ‘home’. Fish factory workers gave him some food. The Fish Factory owner allowed him to stay in the corner knowing that he was homeless.

He had arrived in Ranong as a Burmese Migrant with no documents.

Previous connections with other NGO’s wanted him to return to Myanmar. He would escape from them and tried to live alone.

After a time in hospital because of HIV and TB, the hospital referred him to Marist Asia Foundation.

We tried to locate some cheap accommodation. Eventually we found a cheap place to stay near the Marist Community so we could provide some basic support for needs and medication.

His wife had left him upon knowing his HIV status. He was left sick and abandoned and now has no contact with his wife and 2 children. He had been in Thailand for 20 years. Without documents he is unsafe.

Marist Asia Foundation helped him to get legal documents and a health card. He has gradually become well enough to begin doing some odd jobs. He smiles as he sweeps the pavement and helps with painting.

With a welcoming community, health support he feels his dignity and self worth is being restored. He has hope now for his future.