I always feel homesick

My name is Nandar Oo. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I am happy because I am teaching at a Migrant Learning Centre. I am also studying with Marist Asia Foundation and Australian Catholic University ‘University Online Diploma Programme’

I do not have a chance to live with my parents. I live in Ranong with my uncle’s family. I always feel homesick and when I see some of my friends live with their family, I would like to live like them.

When I feel sad, I want encouragement from my parents. Although I face many challenges and difficulties in my life, my dream is always deep in my heart because I believe education can change my life.

When I was young I had to leave school. I can’t continue school for two years because of my family financial problem.

Fortunately, my cousin came to the village with her mother. I could study again with her because of her mothers support for my education. Every day I walked from my village to another village for three miles. But after I passed grade six, I had to leave again. I really wanted to continue my education, but no one can support me for my education.

In my family, only my father could work on the farm. My mother was not in good health and she had heart disease. Sometimes we didn’t have any food to eat and my family was very poor. I worked on another farm for three years so that I could help my father by my work.

In 2009, I left my family when I was 13 years old and went to Thailand with my grandparents. I came for work in Thailand however, my uncle did not allow me to work and he wants me to continue my education.

One day he found a good school for me. It is Marist Asia Foundation school. I had to leave school again because of my family financial problem. I went to Koh Phi Phi Island for work. I worked in the restaurant at night and every night I worked ten hours per day.

While I was working there I felt afraid because of many people with drugs. Fortunately, my uncle called me back to Ranong. My uncle and his wife asked me ” Do you want to continue to study again? I said ” Yes, I want to study again.

After finished study I was very happy because it is my dream come true to be a teacher. I worked as a volunteer at two Burmese Migrant Learning Centres.

Now I know how much education is important for my life. I have experienced many challenges and difficulties between the relationships with people.

I have experienced discrimination between educated people and uneducated people. I saw most of my students out of school who worked hard in the factory to support their family. Some of my students did not take food for lunch.

I feel pity and I always share food with them and encourage them. I really want to be a teacher for my future.